We are equipped with the latest prop technology including MRI, Dynamic Balance, Pitch Gauge, Pitch Block and a full machine shop. With over fifty years of experience and over 40,000 props from 6" to 86" serviced, The Prop Shop of Wilmington will have you fixed and fitted right the first time, every time.

We currently service:

  • Commercial fishing vessels
  • Government agencies
  • Various local boat yards and marinas
  • Boat shafts from ¾" to 4½"
  • The eastern seaboard, most frequently Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia
  • Interior states such as Tennessee and Wisconsin
  • Foreign countries from Canada to Panama to the Persian Gulf

Outboards and Sterndrives

We recondition and balance aluminum, SST, nibral, and bronze props from 2 to 8 blades. Pitch change can be done along with cupping. Reconditioning and balancing of your props will return them to specifications for less than the cost of a new propeller. We replace bushings in propellers including Volvo.

Dynamic Balancing

Our computer-based Dynamic Balancing Machine uses a computer and an analog to a digital conversion system which gathers data and performs the mathematical equations necessary to determine the amount of unbalance. This technology enables us to balance props closer than ever.

Hale MRI

The Prop Shop of Wilmington, Inc uses the Hale MRI which gives you a computer measurement and reporting of the propeller geometry which also measures and compares every degree of radii.

Line graphs show actual blade curves at a measured radii. Line and bar graphs provide tolerance boxes using the ISO 484/1 and ISO 484/2 standards. The Hale MRI provides a method of ensuring accurate measurements of propellers.

Couplings and Marine Bearings

We have all hardware including full nuts, jam nuts, cotter pins, SST keying, Morse marine bearings, and Lasdrop shaft seals.

Shaft Straightening

We staighten up to 4½" shafts by using our heavy-duty straightening and precision V-blocks. The Prop Shop of Wilmington, Inc can custom machine thread and cut Keyway to fit your needs. We stock a large inventory and shafting up to 4½" in diameter using Aquatech 17, 19, and 22. We are equipped to recondition your present shaft up to 4½" in diameter.